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Welcome back all Mohawk School Alumni!
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Help Us "Pave" the Way to the Future

Mohawk Community Education Foundation Commemorative Brick Fundraiser:  Please see the forms below for more information about the purchase of an etched brick to help the Mohawk Students and Community!

Brick by brick, building our future...

ATTENTION: Mohawk Community Members, Alumni, and All Friends of the Mohawk School District! The Mohawk Community Education Foundation is sponsoring a “Brick Fundraiser”!

Mohawk's Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame
This project is sponsored by the Mohawk Community Education Foundation.

Class of 2011 inductees:
    Dr. Ted Faull
    Dr. John Fontanella
    J. William Laughner
    Rick McFate
    Henry Pezzuolo
    Edmund Retort
    John Samsa
    Joe Seminara
    Dr. Charles Swanik
    Ron Swanson

Class of 2012 inductees:
    Michael S. Cowher, MD
    Raymond P. Goodrich, Ph.D
    Don Guthrie
    John R. Hodge
    Marge Nye
    Capt. Thomas C. Patton, DMD
    Angelo Pezzuolo
    William “Randy” Randolph
    Tom Andrews
    Larry Carr

Class of 2013 inductees:
    Eugene Butch
    Dave Copper
    Dr. David Dawson
    Dr. Patrick Eidam
    Tim Glass
    Alberta Kelly
    Stephanie Kotuby
    Cassandra McConnell
    Jim Verlotte
    Elizabeth Witowski

Class of 2014 inductees:
    Mr. Stephen Byers
    Mr. Carl Clark
    Dr. Joe Gallo
    Dr. Joann Lamb
    Mr. JV Lamb
    Dr. Russ Margraf
    Mr. Jim McKim
    Mrs. Carolyn McQuiston
    Mr. Dave Spears
    Mr. Ross Strohecker

Class of 2015 inductees:
    Mr. Kenn Andrews
    Mr. Aaron Bartlone
    Ms. Ashley Dougherty
    Mr. Michael Ferraro, Sr.
    Mr. Michael Gwin
    Mr. Wilbur Kursel
    Dr. Kathleen Kwolek
    Mr. Ron Lape
    Dr. Jennifer Piscitella Presnar
    Mr. David Rossi
    Mr. Kenneth Shiderly, Sr. is not affiliated with Mohawk Area School Distirct