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Dr. Lorree Houk, Assistant to the Superintendent

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Welcome to the Mohawk Area School District

Mohawk is an area based on rich traditions and people that have a deep affection for the district and community.   Mohawk has seen changes in the community and surrounding areas, and has always answered the call to provide quality educational programs to all students.  As Lawrence County has entered some difficult times, we must continually be progressive in our thought and action in order to put students in a position for success.

Success is defined differently by all individuals, students and adults.  Our goal at the district is to help each and every student identify interests and strengths and get the most out of them.  This is done through a variety of course offerings, state-of-the-art programs, and innovative instruction.  Technology is but one tool in our instructors’ employ, but it has provided a gateway to new learning experiences in the form of cyber classes, hybrid and flexible scheduling for students, and one-to-one technology in the high school.  Our one-to-one program is truly about personalizing instruction for each student as they make their way to post-secondary school or the workforce.  Our strong community and business partnerships have allowed us to communicate with potential employers and training facilitators to provide many learning opportunities beyond the district.  

Our commitment to the students does not end there.  The district greatly believes in our mission to educate and nurture the whole child.  Whether it be through counselor led Prevention classes in the elementary to a vibrant Student Assistance Program at the high school, the students’ well-being and happiness is of the utmost importance to the district.  Whether it is through fundraising or volunteering, caring about the community is modeled by the magnificent staff.  Several of our steering committees and advisory councils have stakeholders as members, confirming a commitment to communication and community responsiveness.  

Mohawk as a district wants every child to meet their full potential.  As a district, we are striving every day to meet and exceed expectations.  We welcome those that live here and those that may live here to join us in making Mohawk the best district it can be!

Mohawk Area School District Compre-hensive Plan

Safety Updates

I wanted to begin this communication with the most sincere and warmest expression of gratitude to the Mohawk school community.  Your support throughout any and all events is noticed and valued by the staff, School Board, and most importantly, the students.  All schools are facing issues that have changed dramatically in a relative short period of years, and the experiences and volume of information that students are encountered with today is exponentially greater than in many parent experiences.  With that new paradigm also comes new challenges to school systems. I want to assure the school community that we are meeting those challenges with a sense of resolve and continuous improvement.

The following information has been compiled to give the school community a more concrete understanding of the safety improvements that we have been working on over the past two years, as well as works in progress. We have undergone staff and administrative training, both theoretical and physical, to deal with crisis situations that may be faced in a school. We work with a sense of urgency daily to maintain and improve security policy and protocols. You will find that we have made several improvements and are branching into areas that will greatly improve our system’s overall safety. We consistently interact with stakeholders to gain perspective as well as information from them to inform improvement. I would submit that we proud of our safety accomplishments, but operate with great humility to know that there is always room for improvement with school safety. We will continue to strive to be a place of learning and safety for the students of the district. 

Here is a brief listing/description of safety related training and improvements at Mohawk:

  • Two armed security guards, one at each building through C & C Security.

  • Video surveillance on the entire campus with upgraded software

  • Active Shooter Training’s

    • Mr. Leitera (ALICE trained) from a school district personnel perspective

    • Former state trooper along with C&C Security personnel - active shooter training-both theory and practice

    • Active Shooter training from the police perspective emphasizing tactical entrance and procedures of law enforcement ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) Training- Four ALICE certified trainers on the administrative staff

    • Held a regional ALICE training with 60 participants (Police, K-12 schools, Churches, corporations) coming- we will have over 12 staff members including, administrative, teaching, and operations staff trained in the ALICE methodology

    • Staff members received a card that summarizes the important pieces of Run, Hide, and Fight training.

    • There is a direct cyber training link from the card with training including situational awareness, critical decision-making, the OODA loop, etc.

    • Active shooter survey/audit was given to teaching staff to incorporate their assessment of readiness

  • Several random dog searches over the past two years

  • Video surveillance system that the police can view remotely in a crisis situation

  • Safety Committees in each building with administration and staff representation

  • Purchased a new repeater and are converting to digital radios along with increasing the number of radios.

  • Captured entrances in each building- Recently we upgraded our lobby systems to Lobby Guard, which has enhanced child abuse background checks and picture taking ability.

  • Purchased “I’m Not Scared...I’m Prepared” resources/curriculum.  This series is about crisis preparation, including active shooter for elementary students, and emphasizes clear language and preparedness for younger students in relations to safety issues.

  • New student reunification point that is off site and closer than previous sites as well as providing accessibility for our buses.

  • Real time messaging system including; text, email, and phone

  • Conferencing with multiple municipal police departments and our security company to improve safety upgrades and prioritize purchases.

Future training includes:

  • Threat assessment

  • Family/student reunification

  • Bomb threat protocols

Consistent review of security manual and protocols

  • Active Police MOU’s

  • Proactive approach to prevention by using modified disciplinary actions by requiring drug and mental health screenings, a rehabilitative approach.  

  • On site mental health assistance for students

Coming soon: student and parent focus groups regarding school safety to increase our outreach to the community.