Traditionally, there are a large number of students with outstanding debts and fines owed to the district. These debts can occur, but are not limited to; lost or damaged textbooks or instructional materials, damaged lockers, lost locks, etc. In those cases where these items have been abused and do not fall under the category of "normal wear and tear," the student will be held accountable and assessed a fine accordingly.

As the school year concludes students are informed of any outstanding debts. If the debt is not attributed to "normal wear and tear," it must be paid before a student receives a report card, a diploma and/or any records leave the district.

If a debt is not paid, the following procedure will take effect. A notice will be mailed to the parent via certified letter. This notice will indicate the amount due to the district. If arrangements are not made to pay the debt, charges are then filed with the local magistrate. Based on the judgment by the magistrate, you may be responsible for costs in addition to the original specified fine/debt.

All debts are payable in the high school main office. Fines and debts are not to be paid to teachers or staff members.