Office hours are Monday - Friday from 7:00am - 3:30pm

Summer office hours are Monday - Thursday 7:30am - 3:30pm

High School 724-667-7782

High School Fax 724-667-7761

Please call for appointment to register new students: 724-667-7782 x1100

Below is a listing of the Mohawk High School Faculty and Staff.  All personnel can be reached by either calling the offices or by email.  Email addresses are in the following format: First Initial Last Name  (i.e.

High School Secretarial Staff
Lisa Arms, High School Office Secretary
Janet Beatty, High School Office Secretary
Jacqueline Jones, Guidance Office Secretary
Norma Huff, Central Office Secretary
Barbara Maravola, Central Office Secretary

Other High School Personnel
Sean Hare, Cafeteria Manager
Diane Laughner, Virtual Learning Lab

Athletic Department
TBA, Athletic Director
Kevin Wrona, Assistant Athletic Director

Sam Bshero
Amy Ford
Jennine Gleghorn
Laurie Griffith
Karen Jones
Melissa O’Shane
Michele Peterson
Lindsey Shimrack

Ryan Castor
Chrissy DeVite
Craig Fisher
Lorraine Komorek
Josh Long
Laurie Monteleone
Jared Stratton

Social Studies
Don Evans
Rob Geramita
Gerald Guido
Nick Maiorano
Kevin Wrona

Scott Arrow
Pam Beatty
Lori Boston
Heather Chisholm
Robert Fadden
Stephen Franz
Kevin Sapp

Lynn Romeo

Pamela Pagley

Joe DiMuccio
Kathy Eichenlaub
Marsha Karidis
Angelo Sun

F.C. Science/Music
Britney Kwolek

Jason Zeh
Justin Addicott

Foreign Language
Cindy LeClaire
Kim Runyan

Phys Ed./Health
Tim Bromley
Mike O’Lare

Special Ed.
Lisa Caughey
Ben Edwards
Patricia Fletcher
Anissa Fracul
Heather Miller
Jeff McNeish

Tech Education
Cameron Schirmer
Andy Shillingburg
Carl Sockaci

Julie Yost

Amy Lutz
Camille Colucci