This is a basic studio 6 week rotation art class with instruction on the elements and principles of art. Lessons include the National and Pa Visual Art Standards as well as incorporating English and Math  standards through cross curricular activities. Art concepts, art theory, art history, art techniques and STE2AM lessons are also explored. Relevant websites, you tube videos and teacher demonstrations are used to enhance the learning process.
    In 8th grade art, the student learns one point perspective, lettering, 3D forms , upside down cartoon drawings, recycled art, Op art and sketchbook drawing. Extra activities include; setting up for the annual Jr. High Art Show, evaluating and criticism projects and  studying about art from different cultures. Art techniques such as, drawing, collages, design, painting, and mixed media are explored through the projects.
    Most of the projects can be finished during class, but sometimes students may want to take them home to work on to catch up, especially if absent.  All projects have a specific due date. Some  tips to help students become successful in art include; be on time, bring a pencil, pay attention to demonstrations, read directions on board, look at project samples, stay in seat during class, raise hand for questions, use restroom or nurse only if necessary, be respectful of others, only work on your project the entire time,, clean up at end of class and be self motivated to get your work completed on time. 
     Grading is based on objectives written on board and reviewed in class. Each objective is worth 10 points and there is always 10 questions. Each project is worth 100 points. 
     The main event of the year is the annual Spring Art Show in May during the Jr. High band concert. Any art work that scored 90% or higher is put  on display and kept in the art room for the Spring art show. The art work is taken down 1 week after the show and passed back to students in their home rooms. Art work must be taken home within 3 weeks after the show. 

Any questions contact;
Mrs. Pamela Pagley
Phone # 724 667-7782 ext 2158