This is a basic studio art class with instruction on the elements and principles of art. Lessons include the National and Pa Visual  Art Standards as well as incorporating English and Math standards through cross curricular activities. Art concepts art theory, art history, art techniques and STE2AM lessons are explored.  
      Relevant art websites, instructional you tube videos and teacher demonstrations are available to help understand the concepts. Projects can be finished during class time. Students can be prepared each day with a pencil, art shirt or any extra art supplies. Listen to instructions given in class, work on project the entire time, raise hand for questions, talk low and to a minimum, be respectful to others while working, clean up your area when done and only use restroom or nurse if necessary and finally wait quietly at end of class for your teacher to pick you up. 
     All objectives taught on the project are written on the board along with a sample of the project to look at and a review of the project is completed at the beginning of the class. 
     There will be an annual ART SHOW in April during Open House. All art work that is on display during the school year is saved for this art show. After the art show us over, the students will receive their projects in their home room classes. 

Any questions regarding this class, contact;
Mrs. Pamela Pagley
Phone # 724-667-7782 ext 11