Tardy Policy

A little late is too late. We have received phone calls from parents stating that their son or daughter was “only three minutes late”, your child is still late! If a student arrives to school after 7:50 a.m. they should report to the office where they will sign in and receive a tardy slip.

Tardies will be deemed as excused or unexcused. Students will not be permitted to make up work missed due to an unexcused tardy. Such reasons as running out of gas, oversleeping, and having a flat tire will not normally be excusable. Extremely bad weather or personal illness will be considered when a course of action is determined.

Students who are habitually tardy may be assigned to our alternative education room.

If your son/daughter is tardy to school you can expect a phone call from the school, unless they have a written excuse from a parent stating the reason why and a phone number where the parent can be reached.