Responsibility of Students

"Students' responsibilities include regular school attendance, conscientious effort in classroom work and conformance to the rules and regulations of the school. Most of all, students share with the administration and the faculty a responsibility to develop a climate within the school that is conductive to wholesome learning and living."

"No student has the right to interfere with the education of his fellow students. It is the responsibility of each student to respect the rights of all who are involved in the educational process."

Students should express their ideas and opinions in a respectful manner so as not to offend or slander others. All students are responsible to:

  1. Be aware of all rules and regulations for student behavior and conduct themselves in accord with all rules and regulations.
  2. Be willing to volunteer information in disciplinary cases and cooperate with school staff should they have knowledge of importance in relation to such cases.
  3. Dress and groom themselves to meet fair standards of safety and health and common standards of decency.
  4. Assume that until a rule is waived, altered or repealed it is in full effect.
  5. Assist the school staff in running a safe school for all enrolled therein.
  6. Be aware of and comply with state and local laws.
  7. Protect and take care of the school's property.
  8. Attend school daily, except when excused, and be on time for all classes and other school functions.
  9. Make all necessary arrangements for making up work when absent from school.
  10. Pursue and attempt to complete the course of study prescribed by state and local school authorities.
  11. Avoid inaccuracies in student newspapers or publications and indecent or obscene language.

Special Note: If you are in the presence of students who are breaking the rules of the school, it is your responsibility to move away from these individuals. If you are present when rules are being violated, you are also subject to punishment.