7th Annual Meet the Warrior-Winter Edition

The Mohawk Area School District would like to invite all Mohawk residents to its 7th annual Meet the Warrior-Winter Edition, to be held Thursday, December 8, 2016 at 7 pm, in the Mohawk Warrior Gymnasium. This event is meant to be a kick-off to the upcoming basketball seasons for all athletes in grades 3-12 as well as all levels of cheerleading, the dance line and the 2016 Mohawk Pep Band. It will celebrate the young men and women who have been working extremely hard to represent the Mohawk School District and our community with excellence and class. There is no charge to this event, but we are asking for a donation of two non perishable food items per individual in attendance, that will be donated to Mohawk's Project Hope for the holiday season. Thank you for your continued support and as always GO WARRIORS!

Elementary Threat

December 5, 2016

Good Evening:

At the conclusion of the elementary school day, administration was informed of a non-specific threat written in an elementary bathroom stall. The threat contained no victim and was not a bomb threat, with the threat most likely being from one individual to another. Administration contacted the Pennsylvania State Police and complied with all recommendations. No activities or practices needed to be cancelled and school will proceed on a normal schedule tomorrow. The Mohawk Area School District takes every threat seriously and has launched an investigation, and when the actor is caught, they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. While there was no specified threat, the district is on heightened alert and is currently exceeding law enforcement recommendations by conducting:

 An administrative search and investigation including security camera footage

 School security conducted a search and will be on increased shifts throughout the week

 School Personnel has been made aware and will be vigilant

 Local law enforcement was informed and will be updated as information is received

 A canine search unit will be conducting a search

 North Beaver police have conducted a building search and will continue to monitor the school and adjacent grounds

The district will continue to take any and all precautions and continue to communicate with law enforcement and follow any and all recommendations. The safety of the students and staff is our utmost priority and we will continue forward with vigilance. School will be on a regular schedule for the week.

The Pennsylvania State Police are not the lead investigators; North Beaver Township Police are taking the lead of this situation. Please refer questions to the Mohawk Area School District at 724-667- 7782.

Thank you.


Governor Wolf’s Office released this video recently, #PAHasYourBack

It is aimed at reassuring everyone in our school communities that regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or identity, or religion, everyone has the right to be treated fairly and feel safe.

Mohawk Welcomes Ready Rosie!

Ready Rosie is an early learning teaching tool designed  for parents to easily support your child learning in grade K-3.
This can be accesses on the Ready Rosie website or through an app on your phone or Ipad. 

Please visit - https://readyrosie.com/


Due to the closure of the district’s wastewater treatment plant, the Mohawk Area School District is accepting sealed bids on equipment which is no longer needed. Click HERE for more information.

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